How to dress when visiting

Fiore Amore Mio Dotty Suspender Tights

Please be aware – we are proudly NOT a PG club (there’s no such rating in the Linden Labs Community Guidelines anyway) but we are rated “Moderate” by our own choice. So we ask that you ensure your “private parts” are not on show whilst you visit us, but we will NOT check whether you have panties worn or not.

We don’t regard nipples as “Private parts”

If you’re unsure about your clothing then please IM a Manager or one of our hosts.

If you’re used to visiting other so called “PG Clubs” then your clothing will probably be fine – however if you occasionally want to let your hair down and dress a little more risqué then we don’t mind.

Our only insistence is that you may not be naked at ShenaniganS & you must wear some covering over your “private bits”. However lace tops, pasties, see through tops or no top at all are fine by us, we don’t mind seeing your nipples – we all have them!

If you’d like to read some more – the link below is to the Linden Labs guide to Maturity Ratings for Second Life.