Our Rules


Or “How to behave when visiting…”

ShenaniganS is on a “Moderate” rated parcel by our choice because we understand that many folks have reservations about visting “Adult” parcels.

We understand that we’re all adults but please have regard for your language in local – if you wouldn’t use that word to your grandmother then why would you say it to someone here?

ShenaniganS is NOT a PG club (there’s no such rating in the Linden Labs Community Guidelines) and occasionally some “fruity language” might appear in “local” – we do not expect our staff to moderate this unless it’s plainly causing offence. That being said – we won’t tolerate bigotry in any form and political or philosophical discussion is welcome under the proviso it remain respectful and polite.

If you’re used to visiting other so called “PG Clubs” then your clothing will probably be fine, however if you occasionally want to let your hair down and dress a little more risque then we don’t mind. Our only insistence is that you may not be naked here & you must wear some covering over your “bits”.

We DO NOT check whether you have panties worn or not. Lace tops, pasties, see through tops or no top at all are fine by us, we don’t mind seeing your nipples – we all have them!

The singer Rebecca Lucy Taylor, is modelling Bluebella’s spring/summer collection

If you’re unsure about your clothing then please IM a Manager or one of our hosts. Please do not presume that our “Rules” & expectations are the same as other venues (especially not ‘PG’ venues).

Still unsure about our land rating? Then please read the linked article below before talking to one of our managers.

ShenaniganS is also a big believer in “SL Etiquette” – if you’re unsure what this is or etiquette in general, then have a look at this slideshow

** We reserve the right to eject/ban anyone if they’re being assholes **

Please remove any HUDS & scripted attachments you don’t need for your visit – we do have a script monitor active.

ShenaniganS ‘actual’ Rules…

We hate to have them but if we don’t say anything then you won’t know…

  • No Spankers, pregnancy bellys or other talking attachments, they’re fun but annoying – take them off when you arrive!
  • No Bloodlines biting.
  • No soliciting for clubs, fairs or other events being held elsewhere – if you would like to advertise an event with us then please talk to our owner.
  • You may not leash a sub whilst visiting but wearing chains, cuffs & gags is acceptable – if you’re unsure then please speak to one of our owners or staff.
  • Don’t spam gestures in local chat.
  • Be respectful to other guests and our staff
  • We reserve the right to eject and or ban anyone

Our aim is to have a venue with a friendly atmosphere & we do act to preserve that aim.

Please don’t accept objects or notecards from folk purporting to be members of staff, if you’re unsure then please IM one of the owners.

If you feel you were unfairly banned by any of our staff then please send a Notecard to an owner with a copy of the conversation prior to your ban.

Our owners are Lyndka Cochrane & Mina Delicioso