So you’d like to work with us?


We would like to introduce “ShenaniganS” where our aim is to have a varied & dynamic programme of popular music that will entertain all of our visitors.

Our intention is not to be open 24/7, there are other clubs in Second Life eminently capable of providing this, so we don’t have a current need for live DJ’s or musicians playing 24/7 (though this might change in the future) but we do hope to have a live programme of music from 10am SLt through to the early hours in Europe – 6pm SLt. Of course, if you feel that you could bring an audience to our venue at a later time than 6pm SLt – we’d be very eager to chat with you.

Outside of our schedule hours ShenaniganS will be open with radio music playing and we hope that guests will find it somewhere nice to relax and chat with friends whilst listening to music.

Would You like to work with us?…

We are looking for committed DJs & musicians to work with our team who are prepared to play for tips and happy with a smallish crowd (we’re on a mainland parcel so the maximum we can expect is 40 assuming the rest of the region is empty). Dj’s should have access to an extensive catalogue of music with the ability to find/download requests from guests.

ShenaniganS music style is ‘popular’ music from the 40’s through to todays charts presented by a DJ who can be witty, charming, friendly on mic.

Please note – we don’t require DJ’s to voice/use a mic.

We don’t want house/trance/industrial/metal/goth, nor are we looking for a radio station style sound to our music programme but one that actually ‘relates’ to the guests present in the venue.

It must be stated now, that as a member of the ShenaniganS team – you may be asked to provide cover for other staff who are unable to do their own set or are away from SL for RL reasons – we aim to make this as rare an occurrence as possible but RL does happen. For this reason, we don’t generally offer staff positions to owners/managers of other clubs, also if you’re unwilling to work outside of your scheduled slots then you should consider whether you do wish to join our team.

If you’re a musician…

We’re ideal for solo musicians, duo’s or singers that enjoy playing small intimate venues and don’t mind playing only for tips, have new material to try or want somewhere that their fan group can use as a base venue.

We are happy to discuss letting performers use our venue ‘out of hours’ for no charge if you only do occasional sets

ShenaniganS has a club page on FaceBook which we post to regularly (as well as several FaceBook based SL groups) & our own website. We would be more than happy to use any promotional materials you can provide or simply include links to your own webpage or soundcloud page.

If you’re a host…

We’re looking for hosts to work with us who feel comfortable being chatty & humorous with guests and not reliant on gestures to do the job. We have some permanent scheduled slots available as well as cover slots. However, if you’re unwilling to work outside of your scheduled slots then you should consider whether you do wish to join our team – for this reason we’re reluctant to offer staff positions to owners/managers of other clubs but we decide this on a ‘case by case’ basis.

As a host you will have a nicely turned out AVie, have a good command of colloquial English and be a friendly outgoing person. You should also have a reliable internet connection and stable computer as well as being able to be present for all of your scheduled two hours.

Tips and how to dress…

Dj’s, Musicians & hosts get to keep 100% of their tips sonNo one pays to play at ShenaniganS. The more guests that YOU attract to ShenaniganS the more L$ you get in your wallet. We will work with you to draw guests to us but it’s also part of your commitment that you do the same, you know where you’re popular and so we ask you to use that knowledge to bring folks to our venue too.

We don’t have a dress code for staff or guests at ShenaniganS – we DO however expect your AVie to be nicely turned out in the same way that you would take care to dress for work in RL.

Intrigued and want to know more?…

If you think that working with us as a DJ or musician intrigues you or if you’d like to join our Host team then please IM Lyndka Cochrane.

We hope that even if you don’t have time work for us that you’ll come visit and become a regular visitor to our little parcel – we look forward to seeing you here.