What is OMGoshigans?


OMGoshigans is an annual Second Life community event in aid of Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital in London, UK. GOSH stands at the forefront of Childrens medicine and represents the pinnacle of research and development in the field.

However, in times when politicians are looking for any way to save a few cents, funding for day to day running of the hospital is met by the British NHS at the moment but relies solely on Charitable donations from people like us to be able to continue research, provide care & support to Children and their families as well as purchasing and maintaining equipment that can make the difference between comfort or suffering for their patients.

Second Life is a huge and caring community that can and does, pull together for a worthy cause such as this. The first OMGoshigans event was held in July 2015 and raised £600, in 2018 we raised £720 and in total we’ve raised £1935 since we started – all from donations in a virtual currency.

OMGoshigans is aimed at bringing the best in creators and entertainers from our virtual world together in July by providing a showcase and fundraiser to show the best & human side of Second Life and actively demonstrate the generosity of the residents there.

We hold a marathon weekend of music that’s “donated” by Musicians, Singers and DJ’s who perform for an audience but the artiste doesn’t rez a tip jar as they normally would but instead asks the audience to donate to a single tip jar for OMGoshigans.

The idea is to get as many people to visit as possible over the course of the day and at venues in the week beforehand and to drop some L$ in to the donation boxes. All club tip jars will be removed along with host/DJ/Musicians jars and proceeds will go directly to GOSH via a JustGiving account after the event.

If you think you’d like to give us some of your time for the weekend, then you need to talk to Lyndka Cochraneor Pomegranate Sorbet at ShenaniganS Music Cafe.